All Rights Reserved. They give unconditional love and expect nothing in return but your love and attention. So as you can imagine, along with hearing all sorts that we’re not hearing, they’re also smelling all sorts. High-pitched barking by a Yorkie indicates his efforts to seek your attention. This method attempts to redirect your Yorkie’s attention away from whatever is causing them to bark and on to you. Your Yorkie will obviously be smart enough to poke his or her nose through and have a peek, but this will greatly subside any opportunities to notice anything out of the norm going on outside that they’ll want to bark excessively at. Dogs bark on stimulus more often than not. As you can imagine, all this barking does bring with it a positive side: the Yorkshire Terrier breed makes for excellent guard dogs. Yorkies can be very sensitive and they’ll bark even if they hear wind chimes, a passing car, or even birds. Barking is the easiest way for a small canine to get the attention of its owner and other dogs. There’s a lot to be learned from the tone of your Yorkie’s noises. The good news is your Yorkie’s barking can be tamed with the proper training and understanding, however; so all hope is not lost. This makes their hearing especially acute, and it will allow them to notice all kinds of disturbances you or I would be unaware of. Yorkie Dog Names: Yorkshire Terrier Name Ideas, Yorkies and Hot Weather: Yorkie Summer Care, Interesting Yorkie Facts That You Have Never Heard. What You Might Not Have Known About Yorkies. Deliver a firm, clear command as you squirt the dog -- "Quiet" or "No" are commonly used for this purpose. Also, you can make sure that all blinds and curtains are closed, eliminating their night time access to the outside world. Your Yorkie might whine if he’s missing you, if he’s been confined and wants out, or if he’s nervous. Essentially, he’s saying “Hey, I see something new. Barking Yorkie? So, if they want to go outside or have a snack, they will often let us know by barking. An advantage is Yorkshire Terriers make great watchdogs. Our training course portrays barking as a language your Yorkie speaks rather than a problem that you have to solve. You’ll establish norms with your… As you may or may not be aware, Yorkies love barking, perhaps more so than any other breed of dog. Their first-rate hearing ability is matched only by their smelling power. Be aware that using a bark collar can have negative consequences. There’s still a lot of speculation on whether if compulsive barkers actually think this way or if there’s another reason for their barking. Hearing a quick, high pitched yelp is a clear indication that Ahead we’ll delve into the ins and outs of their barking habits and hopefully, you will be able to come out of the other side with a good idea of how to tackle any issues regarding your Yorkie’s barking habits. Step Five: Once your Yorkie starts to notice all the praise and treats they’re getting from behaving each time the doorbell rings, they should start to simply sit calmly and learn their lesson. Barking is a mere pastime for dogs. Allowing your Yorkie to make their own decisions about whether they want to engage, wait and see, or retreat can help resolve any issues most of the time. Dogs seem to have a sixth sense for knowing when another dog is about, and howling is a classic example of how they communicate. This will be much quicker and higher than any attention-seeking barking. Have your Yorkie sit in front of you and show her a treat. Yorkie Advice is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to She is trying to communicate a certain need such as its playtime or let’s go outside. This is can become troublesome fairly quickly and needs to be solved for a yorkie barking solution (or any dog, for that matter) and even your dog’s well-being. In yorkies, this barking is accompanied by low growling. Dissuade your Yorkie from excessive barking by squirting it with a water pistol at the onset of inappropriate barking. Dogs have learned that barking calls our attention. As mentioned before, dogs can bark excessively if you leave them alone. Reason for Barking: Attention-Getting When an owner deliberately spoils a dog or unintentionally rewards him for barking, the dog quickly learns how to get attention. You’ll hear either a low-toned bark to warn you of something or a high-toned bark to get your attention. This is usually accompanied by other symptoms including depression and destructive personalities. Pent up energy. © 2021 - Contrary to when we as humans may moan, usually dogs will have a low tone moan when they’re feeling happy. If your pup is yelling at a high pitch, it is probably seeking your attention.